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Haley Paige Biography Photo Haley Paige Biography
Born: 12/30/1981
Aliases: Hailey Paige, Haley, Haley Banks, Haley Hunter, Haley Jay

Date of Birth: 12/30/1981
Date of Death: 08/21/07 (Murdered by her husband)
Starting Year: 2000 (approximately 19 years old)
Hometown : San Diego, California, USA
Birth Place: Chihuahua, Mexico
Measurements: 34C-26-32
Height: 5'5
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brunette
Race:Caucasian, Hispanic,
Ethnic Origin: Indian, Mexican, Welsh, American

Maryam Irene Haley (December 30, 1981 – August 21, 2007), better known by her stage name Haley Paige, was a Mexican-born American pornographic actress.

Haley Paige was a beautiful and vibrant Mexican-born American adult film actress known for her high energy sexual passion and her willingness to do even the raunchiest sex acts on camera to please her adoring fans.

Haley entered adult entertainment in the year 2000 at 18 years of age. While many pornstars begin in their twenties and try to claim they are teens, Haley Paige actually did her first porn film within two weeks of her 18th birthday.

Ironically the thing that many fans mentioned about Haley which drew them to her performances was the dark and mysterious look in her that accompanied each of her onscreen orgasms. It always seemed just before she would cum, that Haley's mind and spirit were transported somewhere far away and ethereal. Unfortunately, that also became foreshadowing for a life that was tragically cut short and shrouded in mystery.

While living in San Diego, Haley Paige answered a newspaper advertisement to become a nude model. She had mentioned in interviews that she was working at the time for a video rental store in the Blockbuster movie chain and that she wanted to make some extra money to pay her rent. She once laughed at the strange twist life took when her first scene in a xxx hardcore film cast her as an 18 year old slut auditioning to get into a porn movie because she needed to earn rent money. With Haley Paige, porn was never far from the truth.

Over the next six years Haley Paige was fucked in more than 280 adult feature films, displaying her angelic face and sweetheart personality in stark contrast to her physical intensity and raw emotional orgasms. Her movies can now be seen on hundreds of porn websites and have been added to thousands of xxx DVDs.

In 2006 Haley Paige made her directorial debut with the film Virgin Territory by Smash Pictures in which she expanded on the 'POV Audition' genre that had originally made her famous by helping a fresh faced crop of porn new-cummers to find their inner whore on camera for the first time.

According to friends, Hailey had said she hoped to one day become a psychologist or sex therapist after her porn film career was complete. Sadly, she never had the chance to achieve those goals.

Hailey Paige disappeared for about two months allegedly with her boyfriend, porn director Inkyo Volt Hwang (known to porn fans as Chico "Wanker" Wang). Rumors began to circulate about her possible demise and according to published reports Mr. Hwang was arrested in June of 2007 on charges related to the disappearance. He was later released and no charges were filed.

On or around August 2, 2007 Haley and Hwang got married in Las Vegas. Reports later claimed that Hwang had brought Haley Paige to the emergency room at Mee Memorial Hospital with no pulse or respiration. The pornstar was pronounced dead.

In newspaper reports, Sgt. Steve Miller of the King City Police Department said that at about 2:30 p.m. on Aug. 21st his department responded to a call from the emergency room at Mee Memorial to investigate a suspicious death. A coroner's report indicated that she died on August 21, 2007 in King City, California, where she had allegedly traveled with Hwang.

On Aug 22, 2007 Hwang was allegedly arrested on suspicion of possessing a stolen vehicle and booked under suspicion for murder but was released on Aug 24 with no charges filed.

Adult Video News later reported that there was a "circulated rumor that Haley died of a heroin overdose." A spokesman for the Monterey County Coroner's Office stated Haley Paige didn't have 'track-marks' normally associated with overdose cases, but an overdose by smoking heroin could not be ruled out. Sgt. Steve Miller disclosed that Hwang had been "implicated" in her death.

The toxicology screening report later came back negative for everything but a minimal amount of methadone. According to the Monterey County Sheriff's Coroner Division who prepared her coroners report, Haley Paige's cause of death would be listed as undetermined but that depending on individual drug history, even a nominal amount of methadone could be a lethal dose.

The exact details of what happened to Hailey Paige will likely never be known because Mr. Hwang was later found dead, discovered in a room at an Economy Inn in Morgan Hill, California on September 29, 2007. His death was "not being considered suspicious" according to Morgan Hill police investigators.

For a star that burned so brightly on screen, Hailey's true fans believe that remembering the light of her life is the best way to overcome the grief of her untimely demise. She lived with a passion and lust for new things, new experiences, new days to come... and even the end of her life has been unable to darken her memory in the minds of porn collectors and industry insiders everywhere.

Inside Haley Paige

Interview Date: 3/30/2006
She came here from Mexico and entered the adult industry before she turned 20. Now a contract director for Smash Pictures, Haley Paige is planning on heating things up behind the camera as well as in front of it. In this interview with Big D, Haley Paige discusses her experiences as a first time director, who she would love to cast in future movies and why she is taking a break from doing so much anal.

Big D: You were born in Mexico but grew up in the San Diego area. Take us through coming to the United States and eventually getting into the adult side of things at age 19?

Haley Paige: I didn't really start doing DVDs until I was 22 or 23 so my start in actual porn was then. My dad just couldn't hold down a job so he moved us like three or four times a year. Right after I graduated I got my own place and started to stick to one place. I was asked to move to Australia for a year and then I came back and I got into the adult business while in San Diego.

Big D: What was the first movie you appeared in when you first started? I know you used different stage names before settling on Haley Paige. What was your first movie ever and then what was your first movie as Haley Paige?

Haley Paige: The first movie I ever did must have been with one of the San Diego companies. Looking back I think it might have been Perfect Video. I am not sure which one was my first as Haley Paige. There was another Haley running around and I didn't want to be confused with her so I had to add the last name Paige to myself. Just for security reasons and to not be confused with somebody that sucks.

Big D: Have you been happy with the name change and the way your career has gone since making the switch?

Haley Paige: Yeah, it was a really good move for me. Everybody tells me you have to have two names. If you only go by one name it's harder to find you and track you down and write to you or find you on the internet. It's much better for the people that want to find me online if I had a second name.

Big D: After being in the business for about two years, you just agreed to a directing deal with Smash Pictures. You've never directed before, what do you think your style will bring to Smash?

Haley Paige: I just finished the movie actually and I am really happy with it. It's called 'Virgin Territory'. I think I will bring a different view to Smash. Not a lot of people have the same vision as I do. The scenes are kind of rough which is okay because that is the way I like it. All the girls are extra, extra nice and were willing to give me 110 percent and help me out. They are all my friends and they know how hard it is for a woman director to be taken seriously. They wanted to help me in any way they could and they did a great job.

Big D: Why do you think that is? Male performers like Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard and Mike Stefano among others are well known as directors and performers while some women directors are considered talent first and they also direct on the side. Why is it so hard for women directors to be taken seriously?

Haley Paige: It's because so many women come in out of porn. Any woman can be a performer. She just needs to have sex which most women can do. For guys, it is really hard. Guys are taken way more seriously because they have the harder job. They have to keep their wood and actually have an orgasm and not fake it. With all the women coming in and out, I think the female talent got a really bad name through some of them. They still do. Their lifespan in the business is usually two to six months and that is if they do okay. Even if they are nice and enthusiastic about it maybe they will stay a couple of years. Our name (women directors) has been dragged through the mud because of a few people. I can't say I blame people for believing it. There are a lot of crack heads out there.

Big D: I doubt that one person can break that stereotype but what are you going to do that will help repair that image that women directors are on the same level as men?

Haley Paige: All I can do is work my hardest and put out the best adult DVDs I can. That's all I can do. What else can I do?

Big D: Why did you decide to go with Smash Pictures? Were there other studios out there trying to get you to direct for them?

Haley Paige: There were a couple that were interested. Smash has a lot of quick thinkers. If something is a good idea, they just go for it. They don't sit around and say, 'okay, now we have to talk to this person who now has to talk to that person'. They get it.

Big D: I heard that your first film you directed was opening one door and closing another. In that I mean that DVD will be your directorial debut but also be the last time you do anal. Why the choice to stop doing anal?

Haley Paige: I stopped doing anal around December 2005. I stopped doing it for private reason I would rather not say. Actually I am willing to do anal for projects I do for Smash. It's not that I can only do it for them, I can do it for other movies too but I am making it very limited. I think it will work because it will be in my movies and will be something extra to attract people to it.

Big D: Are there some directors that you have worked for that might have influenced your directing style and influenced you wanting to direct?

Haley Paige: Yeah, there really is only one director out there that I think is really good. That's Chico Wang. He has the best sense of humor and it shows. Each of his movies has something original about it. Also the fact that he is gay and he would never try to have sex with me on set is wonderful.

Big D: Is that a problem in that when you are a performer in porn that the people on set just think that anyone that shows up to work that day has a legit shot at nailing you?

Haley Paige: There are a lot of people out there that do try to do that to a lot of the newer girls that are a little naive. Personally, I don't think I would have fallen for it except for my first few weeks that I was new to porn. Maybe I would have fallen for it but many of them knew me as a nice girl. I don't think they would have done it to me but I have heard of it.

Big D: Are there some things that are involved in the porn industry that you particularly don't care for? Are there things you would like to change about the business in which you work?

Haley Paige: I think the agents should be able to notice the ones that are maybe a little too young and naive and take them aside and tell them what to expect, what someone might try. Some of them do and some of them don't. It just depends on the agents. Some girls will come in and they have the wrong agent andthey just don't get told anything. Those girls are doing scenes for half-ass companies. Then there are some agents that will pull them aside and tell them everything they will need to know. There are some that will do the research. They will know pretty much what they will get into and they will ask questions and they will find out that way.

Big D: Now that you have been in, what do you know now that you didn't think you would learn when you first started?

Haley Paige: You need an agent. You don't know who is reputable and who is not. Girls need to have a set rate. Without an agent they would have no idea what is fair. Some girls would be out there asking to receive $300 for a double anal scene. I thinK it is really important to stick to your limitations until you know you are comfortable with something. Maybe girls should stick to doing just boy/girl until they are really ready to do anal. You should not let anyone pressure you into anything.

Big D: What's your take on this whole fascination with anal in porn today?

Haley Paige: I think it is still really popular because to some people it is still really taboo in the real world. It's what people want to see and that is what people want to video tape. There is only so much demand for boy/girl scenes that it is very limited. I think that if you don't do anal you pretty much won't be bale to do porn at all. The envelope is getting pushed even further now.

Big D: Speaking of pushing the envelope, it seems like gonzo porn has been pushing it farther with some of the more extreme stuff out there. Anal used to be taboo but now it ends up in almost every adult DVD on the market place. Where is the envelope going to be pushed now? Where is porn headed?

Haley Paige: I don't know how far it can be pushed. My movies will all have anal in them because I know that is what people want and that is what they want to see. I don't know. I don't know if it will get pushed too far until no one wants to push it anymore. I think double anal will get more popular. I don't see it going too far because where else can you put everything? We're probably right there now anyway.

Big D: Now that you are a director, who do you want to cast, male and female in your upcoming movies?

Haley Paige: I pretty much know all the girls that are troopers and are really good. There are still some fresh faces that are starting to do anal. I pretty much know a lot of them because I have a really good relationship with the agencies. I want to start a new line that would include all new girls because the new faces are pretty popular. That's probably the next step I want to take. If Belladonna wasn't under contract I would want her in every movie. There are a lot of girls. It is hard for me to pick just a few. A great attitude is key. It is not important who they are as long as they are nice, have a good attitude and enjoy it. I don't like the girls that are just there to get paid. I don't like the ones that go do a scene and all they are thinking is 'when is my next payheck'. I want girls that forget they are even getting paid and then after the scene I have to ask them where to send the check.

Big D: Is this more of a transition where you will be doing more directing than performing?

Haley Paige: No, I am still performing. Maybe eventually if the directing thing takes off then I might just concentrate on directing and perform only in my own movies.

Big D: How long do you think you will stay performing and how long do you see yourself staying in any aspect of the porn business? Do you have other aspirations to move on and do other things outside of the adult film industry?

Haley Paige: I am studying psychology right now to be a sex therapist. Maybe that will be an option. I think if everything works out, porn will be a nice long career for me. I really like the industry. I have amassed so much time in it already it would be a shame to just leave without doing anything else.

Big D: First job?

Haley Paige: I worked at Blockbuster.

Big D: First concert?

Haley Paige: I went to the Woody Guthrie festival in Oklahoma. It was the most wonderful experience of my life because I love folk. (embarrassedly laughs) I think it should make a comeback. If folkologist was a job, I would be the head folkologist of the world.

Big D: First car?

Haley Paige: It was a little Nissan Sentra. I drove it until it totally broke down.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Haley Paige: Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. I don't usually listen to anyone else but them. Occasionally Tom Waite and the Smiths but I am normally very limited in what I listen to.

Big D: Favorite food?

Haley Paige: I like different foods. I like East Indian and Mexican. I am very picky so I normally like a certain dish of each kind.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Haley Paige: I didn't watch porn until I got into porn. I think the first must have been at a friend's or one of Derek's (LA Direct Models owner Derek Hay) when I was living at the apartment. It might have even been one of mine, I don't know.

Big D: Favorite position?

Haley Paige: Missionary for both on and off camera.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Haley Paige: Movies. If there is nothing good out I would probably go to the baseball game.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Haley Paige: My washer and dryer are pretty important. I don't want to be stinky. As long as there is a pond somewhere I can take a bath in a pond. I don't care. But I am not going to wash my clothes in a pond.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Haley Paige: I like the classics. I like Betty Paige a lot. Probably something like Gone with the Wind.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Haley Paige: Anywhere that has a nice warm temperature and a beach.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Haley Paige: Tom Robbins. He is an author who wrote Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Haley Paige: Spain.

From Blog
RIP, Maryam Irene Haley (Haley Paige, Miriam Haley)
The woman’s stage name was Haley Paige, but her real name was Miriam Haley (or Maryam Haley).

At first glance, it appears to be a random publicity photo of a porn star signing autographs. But it strikes me as unbelievably tragic. The woman is “dressed” in her sexy regalia while signing a calendar with a raunchy nude photo of her on it. In the background, random male fans are waiting in line to get autographs, laughing, having a good time and yet barely paying attention to her. She is in the foreground of the photo and her body receives the best lighting, her skin positively glistens and her body (while perhaps not perfect) is still very beautiful and yes, sexualized.; but her figure is isolated from the rest of the people; it reminds us of the existential loneliness of the adult performer. For her, the autograph session is just another day at work. One might say it’s exploitative, and maybe it is, but to me it seems mundane and even dull. Just another model, just another set of tits, just another porn convention.

At first, fans criticize her breasts, and then Haley Paige herself comes on the thread to complain about the way they disparaged her:

“modt of you who wrote such odious comments about my breasts should find a real past time and get a fu*king life, as it is, obviously my self confidence is not good to say the least, thank you for ruining my week you feeble assholes. yes, my breasts sag, do you think i dont know that?

i look at my self in the mirror everyday and hate them but refuse to get a breast job.

so you will be happy to know that i have basically quit performing and focusing on my studies, as fr the suicide coment, it does cross my mind.”

“ive been through enough in my life and ive never treated anyone in the industry with disrespect, and i think it is fair to say i did not deserve those comments you fu*king worthless cunts.


Later on in the same thread, fans wonder where she has been, then someone posts a news article about her death, then her father posts a full comments filling in the details. I’ve tried to sort through the details; it’s unclear to me whether she died of an overdose or was murdered. I suspect the details will be revealed over time (and the wikipedia page will be updated). Either way, the circumstances are both horrifying and tragic.

I could say a lot about porn as a social phenomena (I wrote a little about it already here ). I’m fairly tolerant of the genre, but contemptuous towards the mass commercialization of it. The pay is pitiful, and so are the working conditions; only a few are lucky enough to get good-paying parts. Maybe people can do it for a few weeks for the hell of it or even a few months, but after that, it becomes a bad place to be unless you have really thick skin and an ability to avoid the crazies. I once watched a porn film with a striking and smart-looking woman in her twenties. The woman (not Haley Paige) was being interviewed briefly before the sex scene. She said that her ex-husband kidnapped her child when he didn’t win custody. She was an exotic dancer and dabbling in porn. She was doing the porn shoot to pay for a divorce attorney and a private investigator to track the ex-husband down.

Of course, that whole backstory could have been faked, but it came out so randomly during the preliminary interview that it struck me as genuine. The director/interviewer was momentarily silenced by the sad dimension to this woman’s motivations. “Aren’t you afraid that your ex is going to use this movie as evidence that you are an unfit parent?” the director asked on the video.

“He already did that,” she said. “And that has always been his excuse for stealing my child away. But this is honest work, and I’ve been a good parent so far. I’m doing this to make a living. I have nothing to worry about.” And they had the sex scene, and they laughed and moaned the whole time, as if nothing was wrong.

The problem with porn is that it presents people as expendable and without a past. Porn by itself doesn’t have to be exploitative or ugly or demeaning, but when people have to adopt personas, we no longer have to treat them as people. They are just people with ugly tits.

Now getting back to Haley. Haley apparently came in contact with a lot of people in the industry over the past few years. Even her childhood (which she described as abusive) wasn’t as bad as she described it (if her father’s post was accurate). In California she will be remembered by friends and coworkers; apparently lots of people liked her (and in life, isn’t that all that matters?) When she disappeared, people noticed it, although not immediately. Her living arrangement in her final months was isolated, not nurturing. A year earlier she agreed to marry someone to help him get a green card, and recently, she got involved with a fetish video director (who did drugs with her and may have been her murderer). Although Haley was relatively well-known, a drug addiction isolated her and prevented others from injecting a dose of reality into her fragile life. To escape from the real world is sometimes necessary and sometimes glorious, but you can’t do it very long..or you’ll have no bungee chord to bring you back. In those final months Haley had no one around to “keep it real” or bring a fresh perspective on things.

The Wikipedia page lists an interview with her, one of the many that porn stars do with websites over their short career. These interviews are mostly respectful and bland, asking questions about hobbies and how was it like to work with director X and actor Y. She was glowing about a recent movie she made, the Villa with Vivid (and it was directed by Paul Thomas, truly one of the most respectful and talented directors in his industry). I haven’t seen that movie, but I’m sure it was well-made and probably Hailey was thrilled to be in it.

We may say, “it’s just another porn star, another dead porn star,” but that is too easy. Haley was a porn star who lived; she had adventures, traveled around the world, had political opinions (she did work in the Green Party), and met all kinds of crazy and interesting people. She read Richard Brautigan, loved All about Eve and other classics, went to folk festivals. If I met her at a party and had no idea she was in the porn industry, I would have probably found her interesting. She felt, she thought, she lived.

I don’t want to launch a tirade or even a defense about the sex industry; all I know is that some people do well in it, and others do badly. These are unconventional paths for people to take in life, probably not anyone’s first choice (but my jobs after college weren’t my first choice either). But it’s probably good that so many different paths in life exist for people to explore…as long as these alternate paths don’t make us feel trapped. There are bad people to avoid everywhere (and porn has more than its fair share).

I remember a notoriously sadistic and perverse Japanese movie I saw a long time ago, “In the Realm of the Senses.” I remember the movie’s claustrophobic qualities; two lovers were in the bedroom for the entire movie, playing these weird sexual mutilation games which ultimately resulted in death. It’s one of those arty movies, so of course the sexual games and violence were meant to be taken metaphorically (although it was based on an actual event). The lovers in the film were portrayed in the movie as romantic and beautiful (though perverse); we were supposed to find them charming and maybe doomed. But if anything similar actually happened to a friend or loved one in the real life, it would sicken us. The movie’s lovers lived only for the darkness. But that was only a movie. Maryam and her porn director boyfriend were teetering on the edge with their alternative lifestyles. Drugs and fetishes brought escape; nothing was forbidden anymore; drugs became their God. Inside a hotel room, strung out on drugs, everything seemed fucked up and terrifying. I would like to think that her psychotic fetish-loving boyfriend was entirely to blame, but who really knows?

If Haley had lived a few more years, she would have gone out of the porn business, escaped the gaping maw of drugs and found some alternative niche. Maybe it wouldn’t have brought her happiness, but at least there would be a semi-normalcy. In your twenties, the world is built on absolutes. You haven’t established a pattern of living; you don’t yet have enough worldly knowledge to see the ephemeral qualities of fortune; you have no way of knowing how precious every single breath and footstep and conversation really is. At that vulnerable age, it is easy to fall into quicksand without realizing it actually is quicksand…or that hundreds (if not thousands) would be eager to help bring you out of it. Haley could not have foreseen the consequences, both of her death and its effect on those who knew her..and even those who didn’t. That is the irony and also the tragedy.

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